Money Saving Tips for University Students

How to save $1000 in a year.

Tip #1: Save Money While You Spend

Don’t be dumb, that’s what you’re in college for. Save money on everything you buy

What if I told you that every time you shop online you are wasting money?

If you shop online, you might as well save money while you’re doing it. Do you know that you can get CASH BACK on ANYTHING you buy online?

I shop on Amazon, Monoprice (for electronics), and just to name a few and I recieve 8% of what I spent returned back to me. You get cash back for actually spending money.

There is more to it, what I mentioned there was just the tip of the iceberg. I earned a $25 Visa Gift Card the same day I began using Swagbucks because I started a Hulu subscription.

While you are browsing the internet, you will find automatic deals using these tools. I also use Honey, Swagbucks >( get it here )< to save money any time that I’m shopping online.

There is a simple plan for saving $1000 in a year!

$1000 in a year is $83/month saved! Do think you can do $83 a month? I think you can!

Can you manage to save $2.70 a day?

I know an easy way to save $1000 a year: Save $2.70 a day

Tip #2: Get A Gig Find A Part-Time Job

If you don’t have enough money then a part-time job might be what you need.

The benefits are : (1) You can have money with you to do things (2)You can save $83 a month and have $1000 a year saved up

If you are seriously considering taking this option, then I suggest FreshGigs. You just upload your resume.

>> Click Here To Locate a Fresh Gig <<

Do you need help writing a resume? I would suggest an online resume writing service such as Resume coach

$1000 in a year is 100 a month saved

Tip #3: Apply For These Scholarships

Tip #4: Apply For A Loan

Tip #5: Improve Your Credit Score

Tip #6: Take Some Surveys

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